About Us

One of the most popular islands of Cyclades is Ios. Ios Transfer was created in order to facilitate your transportation on the island day and night. Our goal is for you to discover all the hidden gems of the island, which every year fascinate more and more people, in the most qualitative and relaxing way for you.

Our company is next to those who want to live life on the island to the edge, but they do not have any transport to move around. Many of the visitors are young people, who may not have received their driver’s license yet or do not want to bring their car to the island. Ios ranks between the most favorite islands of Cyclades and Greece in general, so we had to do something to meet the guests' needs. Ios Transfer provides the solution and offers you transportation services with luxury,comfort but above all with your safety in mind.

We have expertise in the field of transportation and specifically in the context of tourism from our many years of working in these areas. Our experienced drivers will drive you safely and comfortably to your destination. All you have to do is relax in your seat and enjoy the ride.